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Tech Tuesday - Automate Your Life with NFC Tags

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There are certain things you do on your phone every day--check the weather with your morning cup of coffee, open up navigation when you get in your car, and set your alarm when you go to bed.  What if there was a way to automate these processes without having to go through your phone each time?

nfc phoneActually, there is a way, thanks to near field communication (NFC) tags.  Near field communication is exactly what it sounds like: you have to be in close range in order for it to work.  It's essentially like wi-fi, with a much smaller range.  NFC tags are tiny stickers, key chains, or other trinkets that perform specific tasks whenever your phone comes in close contact with them.

How can you implement NFC tags into your daily life?  Program one to display the day's weather forecast and place it near your coffee pot.  Your phone will automatically open up your weather app when you reach it.  Program another to open up navigation and place it on your dashboard.  Tap your phone on it and navigation will automatically open. Program yet another to set an alarm for the morning and place it on your nightstand.  The alarm will automatically set when you rest your phone near it.  These are just a few simple ideas...the possibilities are virtually endless!  

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Of course, as with everything, there is a downside: not all devices have NFC capabilities.  Not surprisingly, Apple devices are one group that does not support NFC.  Most newer Android devices and some Windows devices do. Simply do a quick search on your device to find out if it supports NFC.

NFC tags can be fun to experiment with and are pretty cheap!  Some may think that using NFC tags is lazy, but I see nothing wrong with making your day a bit smoother and looking tech-y while doing it!

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